Privacy and Policy

IPC Kosova is committed to providing protection for information that we collect from individuals in the course of our business. Only that personal information needed is collected and it is secured from external examination or use unless specifically disclosed during the collection process.
Information collected will be used by IPC Kosova only for the stated purpose and not shared with others without your consent. Your consent will be requested when it is anticipated that the information, whether personal or professional, will be used in such areas as surveys, questionnaires, and assessments.
IPC Kosova will not give, sell or otherwise share your personal information with any individual, organization or company without your permission, except where specifically required by law to provide specific or general information.
In situations on our site where you volunteer additional information for an industry study or database, such as for our Competence model, your personal data will not be associated with the other collected data.
For additional questions regarding the privacy and confidentiality of personal information, please contact us.