IPMA Level D

IPMA Level D® Certificate

Certified Project Management Associate

An IPMA certification at Level D requires that the candidate has knowledge in the competence elements related to project management. As such, they usually have broad project management knowledge and may work in a project team.
There is no previous experience required and only knowledge of competence elements related to project management are assessed.


Format. The Level D exam shall be a written exam.
Types of questions. Each exam shall be a mix of multiple-choice and open answer questions. Multiple-choice questions shall have a minimum of 4 options to select from with one right answer. Multiple-choice questions shall not exceed 50% of the CEs assessed in the examination
Length of exam. 3 hours for written exam
Passing grade: To achieve a Level D, Candidates shall demonstrate knowledge of 80% of the domain CEs defined in the IPC Cert. Calculated percentages shall be rounded down to a whole number
Price: 150 EUR (if candidate need to retake a part of this assessment price will be 50 EUR)