About us

International Project Management Association is recognized throughout the world as its leading authority on competent project, programme and portfolio management (PPPM). IPMA is a global non-profit project management organization based in Switzerland.

The IPMA was first established in 1965 and since then it has spread around the world through its member associations, umbrella organization for national project management associations from 55 countries.
Through efforts, Project Management best practice is widely known and appropriately applied at all levels of both public and private sector organizations. IPMA plays a leading role in the development and promotion of the project management profession, providing standards and guidelines for the work of a wide range of project management talent through the IPMA Competence Baseline (IPMA ICB®).

Competency-based Four-Level Certification System for programme and project managers is unique in the World, and widely recognized for its quality. The ambition is to lead the development and promotion of the project management profession and to help even more organizations realize the benefits of competent program and project management.
IPC is a Member Association of International Project Management Association since 2010.

The primary role of IPC is to promote project management as a distinct profession with a global agency and standards of its own as well as specific knowledge and abilities in Kosovo and its neighbors. It connects project managers across all fields of human activity.

The vision of the IPC is to bring benefits to organizations, businesses, professionals and the Society in general, through the establishment of a project management culture, the application of accredited international project management standards, the certification of experienced professionals and the facilitation of training events in

  • To promote project based working solutions in different areas of the society and business.
  • To improve the competitiveness and goal orientation of private and public sector members.
  • To develop the individual member’s project based knowledge.