International Professional Certification - IPC is a registered member of IPMA (International Project Management Association) representing Republic of Kosovo and Albanian speaking countries/regions in this prestigious global project management federation. Project Management is a paramount objective of many employers in the modern business due to the aim of finishing business objectives within deadlines and given budget. Organizations and businesses nowadays have a great demand for personnel with solid project management competence.

The contribution of the association is, among other things, monthly membership letters, the recognized journal Project Management, many membership meetings and workshops, handling of IPMA Certification in Kosovo - and an ongoing expansion of the website. 


IPC Plans in 2015

§  Personal Project Management Certification according to IPMA Standards

§  Increase the international network and partnership for Project Management principles

§  Promote know how transfer and best Project Management practices

§  Continue Research and Publication in these spheres

§  Raise the number of Certified Individuals in Project Management

§  Support basic and advanced PM education and learning

§  Offer distinctive and useful project management publications.


 IPMA Certification Levels

 Four certification levels

There are four levels in the IPMA certification program:

Level A: Certified Project Director

The Certified Project Director is able to manage complex portfolios and programs.

Level B: Certified Senior Project Manager

The Certified Senior Project Manager is able to manage complex projects, and has a minimum of five years' experience.

Level C: Certified Project Manager

The Certified Project Manager is able to manage projects with limited complexity, and has a minimum of three years' experience.

Level D: Certified Project Management Associate

The Certified Project Management Associate is able to apply project management knowledge when working on a project.