IPMA Level C

IPMA Level C® Certificate

Certified Project Manager

An IPMA certification at Level C requires that the candidate has acted in a project management role within a moderately complex project environment within an organisation.
Within the last six years the candidate needs to have a minimum of three years’ experience as a project manager within projects of moderate complexity, or a minimum of three years’ experience in a responsible project management role assisting the project manager in complex projects.


Format. The level C shall be written and in addition, the candidate needs to write an Executive Summary Report whitch is checked by the assessors in relation to the eligibility criteria and to the project’s complexity. In addition, cadidate may have to write a Report depending on the IPC Kosova chosen assessment path.(path 1 or path 2 http://www.ipcert.com/new) and, candidate has to pass an interview.
Types of questions. Open answer questions only. The questions asked shall require Candidates to demonstrate application of knowledge at the required level only.
Length of exam. 3 hours for written exam.
Passing grade: To achieve a Level C, Candidates must demonstrate evidence of 80% of the domain CEs defined in the ICB, in a moderately complex environment
Price: 900 EUR (if candidate need to retake a part of this assessment price will be 300 EUR)