International Professional Certification - IPC Presentation

Pristina, 25 March 2015 – International Professional Certification / IPC held a public presentation to students and other interested IPMA Certification candidates. Prof. dr. Edmond Hajrizi (CEO, IPC) once again brought forward the fundamental importance of Project Management competences in nowadays market. He presented the benefits of this certification and the significance of developing project management culture and standards in Albanian speaking regions. Some more stressed issues are listed below.

IPMA certification:

  • creates a portfolio of work that can be used for marketing on a global scale
  • advances individual competence levels
  • provides feedback for improvement
  • increases personal development by using certification levels as 'stepping stones'
  • increases confidence of internal and external clients

The presentation participant’s revealed great interest in this globally known certification since it is a people-based assessment and the appropriate combination of competence areas make IPMA a unique certification. They give a broader picture of each candidate's competency, and enable companies to match the right project manager with the right project based on their strengths.

Each IPMA certification candidate is individually assessed by independent assessors against the ICB - IPMA Competence Baseline Version 3.0. In the certification process, individuals demonstrate their competence in managing projects, programmes and portfolios. The assessors will be looking for competence in the following ICB elements:

  • 20 technical competence elements deal with the project management matter, on which the professionals are working;
  • 15 behavioral competence elements deal with the personal relationships between the individuals and groups managed in the projects, programmes and portfolios;
  • 11 contextual competence elements deal with the interaction of the project team within the context of the project and with the permanent organization. 

The interested candidates were noticed for this year’s agenda and certification round which is open until 20 April 2015