IPC participates in the assessment of competence for managing projects in Germany

Pristina, 7 May 2014 - German Organization for Project Management PMZert MPG, which is part of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), has invited President of IPC, Prof.dr. Edmond Hajrizi to be part of the workshop and assessment team for project managers for C and B levels, ZEISS Company in Aalen - Germany.

International Professional Certification - Kosovo Association for Management (KAM- IPC) is representative part of the Republic of Kosovo and its regional neighbors.

This visit is being conducted in the framework of cooperation of IPC- KAM and GPM, and is intended sharing of best practices in achieving certification in greater levels of competence in Kosovo. For the first time in this country, these certifications will be available from the International Professional Certification (IPC).

Prof.dr. Edmond Hajrizi is the first assessor in Kosovo for IPMA based certification in Kosovo, and all Albanian speaking territories.

Part of the team were Mr. Hajrizi- representative of IPC, Prof. Roessler Lead Assesor and Prof. Seilier, the latter in the quality of international assessors of IPMA in Germany.


Thanks to the collaboration with GPM, IPC uses German standards and processes in Kosovo. GPM is one of the largest and most respected professional organizations for project management in the global sphere.

Mr. Hajrizi in the middle , with two representatives of the workshop and the assessment team