Recommended Literature

The ICB (IPMA Competence Baseline) provides the official definition of the competences expected from project management professionals for certification using the universal IPMA four-level-certification system.


Author: Gerold Patzak / Günter Rattay

Title: Project Management 

Guideline for the management of projects, project portfolios, programs and project-oriented companies

ISBN: 9783714302240


Title: Better Practices of Project Management
 Van Haren Publishing

ISBN: 9789087536473
John HermarijThe IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) gives a clear description of this profession based on 46 competence elements. This book gives the essential theoretical and practical background of each competence element, based on the leading sources.Each chapter is based on the same structure: Definitions, Introduction, Process Steps, Special topics.


Title: Project Management (10th Edition)
 Denis LockProject Management explains the entire project management process in great detail, demonstrating techniques from simple charts to detailed computer applications. The author has expanded discussion of topics such as supply chain management and the project management office (PMO), and there are new chapters about implementing change management projects and the role of senior managers in supporting projects. 


The PM Baseline (published by PM Austria), is not just useful for individuals who are learning about or who work in project management. It is also useful for project management trainers, who can
use it as a guide for the preparation of project management training programmes in schools, colleges of higher education, universities and companies


GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement /Michael Gessler (Hrsg.)

Kompetenzbasiertes Projektmanagement (PM3)

Handbuch für die Projektarbeit, Qualifizierung und Zertifizierung

auf Basis der IPMA Competence Baseline Version 3.0 / unter Mitwirkung der


spm swiss project management association