IPMA Level D

IPMA Level D - Certified Project Management

IPMA Level D, Certified Project Management Associate, is an exam-based assessment of a wide range of project management knowledge. The foundation is ICB, the IPMA Competence Baseline, as regionalised by each Member Association.

Certified Project Management Associate entry requirements:

  • Experience in the project management competence elements is not compulsory; but it is an advantage if the Applicant already has applied his project management knowledge to some extent.

Certified Project Management Associate core competence:

  • Shall have the knowledge in all competence elements and be able to apply it.

Certified Project Management Associate additional requirements:

  • Can practice in any competence element. May work in some fields as a specialist.
  • Works as a project team member or a member of the project management staff.
  • Has broad project management knowledge and the ability to apply it.

Certified Project Management Associate (Sertifioitu Projektiosaaja) is an internationally recognised entry-level qualification in the area of project management. The certificate is valid for five years. The certification process is illustrated below.


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Payment details 

250€ or 270€