Evaluation & Certification

General Information
The certification is a process focused on assessing candidates’ project, programme and portfolio management competence. ‘Competence’ refers to the ability to acquire and knowledge and skills in project management in a relevant context. The certification establishes that a person has this competence. To achieve the IPMA certification, candidates must demonstrate an acceptable level of understanding, knowledge and practical experience of project management as defined by the IPMA Competence Baseline.
Certification is an assessment based on a level-specific combination of:

  • Self-assessment
  • Written exam
  • Report on the management of a project, programme or portfolio
  • Interview

Certification Significance

What usually makes someone a "good" project manager is their experience, the fact that they have made mistakes and learnt from them in a real project environment and that they have achieved success in a real project environment. Experience on a range of projects and, most particularly, on complex projects can never be underestimated. But neither can the right sort of academic qualifications and relevant training. A project manager with the right credentials, such as one with an IPMA Certification, is not necessarily better at leading and directing projects, but the qualification itself is an indication of how serious that person is to be recognized as a professional. That in itself is an indication of drive and determination to succeed which are qualities that are far more likely to contribute to a successful project as well as to a successful career.

Benefits of the certification

Enrollment in the certification programme is an incentive for the managers of projects, programmes and portfolios to:

  • Expand and improve their knowledge and experience
  • Continue their education and training
  • Improve the quality of project management
  • Achieve the project objectives more effectively
  • It provides peer recognition of one’s competence.

IPMA Four Level Certification System

The IPMA® four level certification program is an internationally recognised and competence based certification scheme that offers a value to the individuals and organisations in project, programme or portfolio management. This 4 level model starts with the core project manager role but no matter what kind of role you are currently working in: project manager, programme manager or portfolio manager, you are able to certify based on your experience (years and complexity) aligned with the IPMA competence model.

The IPMA certification scheme is based on the global competence standard – ICB4. This standard is defined by the IPMA and describes the competences that project, programme and portfolio managers should possess.

International Professional Certification – IPC Kosova is the only organization in Kosovo authorised by the IPMA to issue certificates in the field of project programme or portfolio management in accordance with the IPMA® four level certification program.

International Professional Certification – IPC Kosova established the National certification programme in a collaboration with the IPMA and formed the Certification body, responsible for establishing, carrying out, advancing and maintaining the programme.

The certificates issued by International Professional Certification – IPC Kosova are valid and absolutely correspondent in all countries members of IPMA.